This website isn't for emergencies. If you're having a mental health crisis, please call or text the crisis hotline at 988.

Not for emergencies. Call/text 988 for mental health crisis.

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About Us

Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition

Vision: Midland is a thriving community where everyone feels good, struggles well, and functions effectively. 

Mission: To promote wellbeing, foster meaningful connections, and provide tools for growth throughout our diverse and interconnected community.

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Services We Offer


Learn how improving your personal wellbeing can have a ripple effect.


Expand your knowledge of wellbeing, and even become certified.


Evaluate your wellbeing and assess your character strengths.

Free Info

We offer information on wellbeing for individuals and organizations.

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Latest Wellbeing Life Hacks

Wellbeing Life Hacks are simple evidence-based ways to build wellbeing and are accessible to everyone! Built around a wellbeing model of PERMAH, each Wellbeing Life Hack will build a different component of wellbeing: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Health.

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Learn how improving your personal wellbeing has a ripple effect to our families, friends, workplaces, and communities.
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