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Huddle dates for the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition's Workplace Ambassador Program

Here’s what our Summer Pilot Participants had to say:

  • It was a great introduction and learning system on how to implement proper well being in the workplace.
  • I enjoyed being participating in the Pilot program and have gleaned tools to share with my workplace. Thank you for offering this opportunity!
  • I really enjoy this work, and love teaching it to others!
  • I think having an ambassador is an asset to any workplace.
  • The information received was extremely valuable, adaptable and well made.
  • I am so excited to continue to apply what I’m learning at work.
  • We have already applied a few of the tools and have plans to continue to test and implement new ones.
  • I will be able to apply everything in my work. The simple tools are straight forward and easy to implement. It is now in my court to help put them in place.

What is included in the Workplace Ambassador Program?


    1. Workplace Ambassador Toolbox with 30+ science-backed tools that you can easily implement in your work setting.

    2. An ambassador-only online resource hub which houses links to the 30+ tools in the toolkit, other resources, and more.

    3. Monthly huddles with Wellbeing experts. In each meeting, you will learn about a featured tool, hear about strategies from other Ambassadors, and receive personalized support on the implementation of the wellbeing tools for your workplace.

    4. Quarterly in-person connection opportunities.

    5. An online collaboration space to ask questions, collaborate, and learn outside of the monthly meetings.

    6. A community of ambassadors from a wide variety of workplaces, all committed to supporting a culture of wellbeing like you.

To be an Ambassador:

  1. Sign up here:

  2. Pay $100* (upon receipt of invoice).

  3. Sign the Workplace Ambassador pledge (annual agreement).

  4. Attend an ambassador orientation/watch the welcome video.

  5. Make arrangements to get the physical Wellbeing Toolkit. 

  6. Attend monthly meetings! (two times offered and if you have to miss, they will be recorded!)

  7. Prepare to learn and implement what you are learning.

  8. Share your tools and strategies.

  9. Build a culture of connection and support with other ambassadors.

  10. Bring your curiosity, engagement, and energy!

*$0 if this is part of your organization’s current Partner Program services with the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition. (If unsure, check with your organization leader or email [email protected])

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