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Using Positive Psychology to Connect in a Polarized World

In recent years, political polarization has strained social ties in our nation, highlighting the need for approaches that foster community wellbeing. Positive psychology offers tools not only for individual growth but also for societal flourishing. Kathryn’s journey in Midland, Michigan, illustrates how leveraging personal strengths like curiosity and kindness can bridge divides. Her experience with a friend, Jack, demonstrates that embracing strengths can transform contentious discussions into opportunities for mutual understanding. Meanwhile, a community initiative led by MAPP graduates has empowered local Rotary clubs to cultivate civility and connection through structured dialogue and values exploration, contributing to Midland’s vision of inclusive thriving.

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Accomplishment: Harnessing the Power of Visioning

Wellbeing is a large, all encompassing concept with many moving parts, just like the The Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition. The group includes over 130 members and nearly 60 partner organizations throughout the community, working to help Midland achieve a thriving place for all….

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