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Wellbeing Life Hacks

Life Hack #15: Name. Normalize. Navigate

What role do emotions play in your life? Who’s in charge? You or your emotions? If you’ve ever felt that sometimes emotions get the best of you, a shift in perspective can help. Try viewing emotions as simply data that informs behavior.

Viewed this way, you put distance between you and your emotions more effectively. How? Name, normalize, and navigate your emotional data. When you can name the specific emotion you are feeling, you are better able to work with it. Remember, all emotions are valid, so normalizing emotions – both the pleasant and unpleasant ones – is a powerful start toward self compassion and growth. Finally, navigate it. What is that emotion trying to tell you? What is the next best step based on the data you have?

Finally, consider your language – for example, instead of saying I am mad – try saying I’m feeling mad instead. You are not emotions, you are a human that experiences emotions.

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