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Life Hack #19: Yet

How often do you utter, “I can’t” when faced with a challenging task?

One of the best mental attitudes we can adopt is being open to learning and growth. Our brain truly is like a muscle, it grows and it changes whenever we work to learn something new. Even if we believe this and understand that life is about learning, really putting that attitude into practice can be a challenge.

Fostering what is called a growth mindset is worth the work – research shows those with a growth mindset are on average more closed, or fixed mindset.

One simple way:

To practice a growth mindset is by simply adding the word “yet” to your sentences. Instead of saying you can’t do something, saying I can’t do it, yet. This simple word leaves possibilities open. It reminds us that we can learn and grow. “Yet” can have powerful implications for how we tackle challenges in life!

We’ll there you have it, give this life hack a try!

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