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Life Hack #20: Notebook in Your Car

How many times have you thought of something important while you were driving? Or after leaving a meeting realized you need to take care of something? Lots of thoughts swirling around? Our brains can only handle about 5-7 items of information at a time, so when there’s lots to think about, things can get lost if our brains are overloaded. Instead of fighting what your brain will naturally do, plan for it!

Try leaving a notebook or pen in your car. It might be super helpful for many reasons. Making lists, jotting down ideas, even going into a conversation or meeting, you can reduce stress by having a notebook and pen handy in your car! Developing small routines like this can do a lot to alleviate the small stressors in our lives.

(Of course, no writing while driving – pay attention to the road and jot your notes down when you are safely stopped – before or after you travel).

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