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Wellbeing Life Hacks

Life Hack #21: Meaning in the Mundane

What are those boring, routine tasks that you have in your life? We all have them – for some it’s laundry, for others paying bills, maybe it’s a rote task at work, some find lawn for tedious. Whatever those mundane tasks are, research shows that we can be more motivated to do it and perhaps even enjoy it a bit more if we can find meaning in the mundane.

To do this, ask yourself some questions: Who is this benefiting? Maybe it eases someone else’s load. Why is it important to be done? Perhaps it is a smaller step to a bigger goal. How can this task be crafted to be more enjoyable or more in line with your strengths and skills? Could be as simple as reframing the task as time to give your brain a break from the busy day! Even inserting a little meaning into the mundane can make a big difference!

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