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Wellbeing Life Hacks

Life Hack #28: The 10/5 Rule

If you’ve ever worked in hospitality, you may know the 10/5 Rule.

When someone is within 10 feet of you, smile and make eye contact and then 5 feet, verbally greet them warmly.

For retail this is all about the customer experience, but it also can improve wellbeing.
How is this a wellbeing hack? Just being in the moment and acknowledging another with a smile can boost your mood in seconds. Oxytocin is released when you give a compliment, serotonin when you are mindful, and the simple act of smiling can relieve stress.

If this feels awkward to you, let me share what it can do for the recipient. I recall so vividly watching a video years ago of a young man who has planned one day that it would be his last – he felt done, isolated, and unseen. And THAT day someone took the time to say hi and ask how he was doing.

That simple act of being acknowledged saved his life.
So next time you are walking down the street or at work, think about how a quick gesture can improve the wellbeing of you and another.

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