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Wellbeing Life Hacks

Life Hack #37: Not Right Now

Have you ever found yourself just not interested in taking on a new challenge?

Have you ever lacked motivation to engage in something you know is good for you?

Instead of closing yourself off from the opportunity or mentally berating yourself for not stepping up or out of your comfort zone, why not give yourself permission to say, “not right now.”

This simple trick keeps your helpful growth mindset where it should be – ready to learn when you are ready.

You aren’t shutting down the opportunity to learn forever, you are simply giving yourself permission to consider it later, maybe when you are more motivated, have more time, or are better prepared.

Similar to using the word “yet” to foster a growth mindset, saying “not right now” keeps opportunities for learning open and gives us a greater sense of self efficiency, that is, it strengthens our belief in our capacity to achieve our goals, just maybe not right now.

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