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Life Hack #41: Meet People in Their Space

How often do you go into a conversation with expectations of how it will go?

Do you ever interact with someone already knowing what you want the other person to do or what you think they should do?

The art of meeting people in their space is important for a variety of reasons. Sometimes our assumptions are wrong, people don’t even feel heard or valued, problems, don’t get solved, or relationships become weaker.

When we enter a conversation with an open-mind, curiosity, and a growth mind-set – when we meet people in their space, we pave the way for a better conversation – where people feel valued, problems get solved, and learning takes place.

Being an active and engaged listener can include literally meeting someone in their space – going to them, using open body language, and removing symbols of power such as a desk. But it can also mean meeting someone in their space as a human being – without assumption and with empty and curiosity.

Consider which of your relationship could benefit from meeting people in their space.

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