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Life Hack #57: 51% Rule for Good Conversations

Do you ever pay attention to how much each person talks in your conversations? Have you ever really felt listened to? Chances are, if the answer to the latter question is yes, the 51% Rule for Good Conversations may have played a part. The research on conversations is interesting – some studies show that talking less predicts enjoyment, while others show the person that talks 51% of the time walks away feeling better. How can both of these be true? Well, we tend to enjoy learning about others and we also enjoy feeling heard and understood by others. So the goal of the 51% Rule for Good Conversations is not to count the minutes, it’s about making sure the person you are talking to feels heard and valued. It’s about curious and active listening. In your next conversation, aim for this: be curious, focus without distractions, seek to understand. Intend to listen at least a little more than you talk!

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