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Life Hack #69: Savor Your Stories

How often do you take time to savor the positive stories and growth experiences from your life? When was the last time you savored a shared positive experience with a friend, co-worker, or loved one? Turns out, savoring our stories can be very helpful to our wellbeing. It can boost our mood, enhance our resilience, and reduce mental health challenges. Savoring our stories – big events and small moments – helps us to feel, enjoy, and extend our positive emotions. In addition to recalling positive memories and stories, reframing our challenging experiences can turn them into stories of learning and growth. But don’t just reflect on your past, also take time to be in the moment when events happen and stories are made! Take note, verbalize it, share that story, and build on those feel-good emotions! Instead of letting positive moments pass right on by, pause and take time to sit with that good feeling and involve all of your senses to make the memory stick better. You can even savor future events by creating a strong vision of what you are looking forward to! Make it a habit to savor your stories to better support your wellbeing.

Life Hack #69: Savor Your Stories from the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition in Midland, MI.

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