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Wellbeing Life Hacks

Life Hack #8: Awe Walk

Adopt curiosity like a child as you embrace the wonders of nature by taking an “awe walk”! In whatever way works for you, carve out time to intentionally engage with nature, simply for the purpose of being in awe.

Work to minimize distractions like your phone or even conversation – and just observe your surroundings mindfully. Notice with all of your senses and observe the expansiveness of nature down to the tiniest detail. Day or night, warm or cold, inside or out, there’s nature and beauty all around us . Lose yourself in that moment of engagement and just be one with nature.

Maybe the goal is just to pay more attention to nature through the course of your daily life or maybe you intentionally plan an awe walk one or more times a week. For maximum benefit either visit new places or with intention view a familiar scene with a new perspective!

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