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Life Hack #83: And

Have you ever experienced differing, perhaps opposing, emotions at the same time? Have you ever heard the term emotional ambivalence? Consider the power of the word “and”. When faced with a difficult situation or challenge, it is not uncommon to experience conflicting emotions. It is essential to process our emotions and not ignore them, as suppressed emotions can lead to negative consequences on mental and physical health. We may feel both sadness and relief, anger and gratitude, or any combination of opposing feelings- and that’s okay. In order to effectively manage these complex emotions, it can be helpful to name and identify each feeling. By acknowledging each emotion separately, we can better understand and process them. It is important to remember that experiencing multiple emotions at once does not invalidate any of them, and it is possible to hold space for each feeling without dismissing or minimizing their importance. Holding two truths at once and recognizing that two emotions can co-exist is a natural part of the human experience. Using the word “and” when describing our emotions can help us to communicate more authentically and effectively. 

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