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Life Hack #62: Be Playful

How much is play part of your life as an adult? How often do you take a playful approach to your daily activities? Life can be very serious. Sometimes we get so caught up in our heavy adult responsibilities that we may forget to embrace the lighter side of life. Studies show that incorporating play, or even a playful attitude, periodically into our life can have many benefits related to stress reduction, improved relationships, and better mood and engagement in life. It can even improve our health! It might be beneficial to do a play audit for your life and then consider ways to make life more playful. Take time to consider what types of play you enjoy and then find small ways to work some play into your daily life. Typical examples include different types of games, but even exploring nature, telling stories, or creating things can be considered play! And if playing isn’t something you are comfortable with yet, think about trying out a playful attitude here and there. We can all find small ways to shift our energy in ways that allow more play in our life.

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