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Life Hack #86: Control Controllables

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and stressed out by circumstances beyond your control? How much does worry impact your life? In reality, worry is wasted energy. So is fighting to control things that are out of our control. Studies show that by focusing on the reality of what we can control, we can reduce stress and anxiety, be more present and engaged, and achieve better health outcomes. So it’s time to adopt the control the controllables mindset! We can work on choosing to focus on factors within our control, letting go of concerns beyond our influence, and taking proactive steps to solve problems. This mindset promotes resilience and adaptability and motivates us to take responsibility for our actions and choices. So why not take charge of your life and start focusing on what you can control today? In times of stress and overwhelm, start by simply saying to yourself – what can I actually control in this situation? A powerful, yet easy way to do this is to draw two circles. In the inner circle, list what you can control and in the outer circle, list what you can’t. Then give your attention to the inner circle. Use this tool as a reminder to focus on controlling the controllables!

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