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Life Hack #66 Create Bedtime Routines

Do you remember having a bedtime routine when you were a kid? Do you still have one now? While you may not be interested in a bedtime story and getting tucked in anymore, studies show that having a good bedtime routine can help us to get better sleep. And good sleep quality impacts our wellbeing and health in important ways. Our brains and bodies love routine and creating a good one can do wonders for our sleep quality. The trick is experimenting to figure out what works for you and working for consistency. As much as possible, going to bed at the same time and in the same way trains our bodies and brains that sleep is on the way! Consider things like intentional use of technology, calming activities, lowering temperature, soothing smells, textures, making lists, positive reflections, journaling, rituals, personal care, next day preparation, and other ways to end the day in a satisfying way. Even the order in which you do these things matter! So what makes sense for you in a bedtime routine? Make your brain and body happy and your sleep quality better by creating one today!

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