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Life Hack in Action #8: Assume Positive Intent

"Hello, I'm Chiara Cameron-Wood, I am the Executive Director at 211 of Northeast Michigan. I'm also actively involved with the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition. The Life Hack I am going to share with you today is Life Hack # 13 Assume Positive Intent. This Life Hack, is a mindset that I use has significantly impacted both my work and personal life. By starting from a place of assuming that others didn't mean to harm me, it opens the door for constructive conversations. Having recently moved to Michigan about a year ago, I'm using this Life Hack personally in managing a household with my husband and seven kids as well as professionally in my job. This mindset diminishes worry and defensive reactions, fostering open communication. Personally, it has been transformative, especially when dealing with sensitive topics like mental health. In terms of supporting my well-being, it diminishes worry and encourages open communication, crucial in both personal and professional relationships. For those wanting to start using this Life Hack of Assuming Positive Intent, self-awareness and mindfulness are key. It's a combination of practice and grace for yourself, and being aware of your assumptions. It’s okay to catch yourself and say, oh, wait, I went there, pulling it back, giving yourself permission to back the truck up, and then start again. "

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