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Life Hack in Action #7: Gratitude Texts

"Hello, I'm Wally Mayton, a retired pastor who has great joy in continuing to serve the church. Today, I want to share with you Life Hack # 12 Gratitude text. As someone relatively new to texting, I've discovered its effectiveness as a tool for meaningful communication. Expressing gratitude through text has become a valuable practice for me, enhancing not only communication but also building meaningful relationships. This Life Hack supports my wellbeing by shifting my focus from tasks to people, allowing me to connect with individuals on a deeper level. Some tips that I have found helpful using Gratitude texts are to pause and think about the person you are sending the text to before sending a message, use pronouns like ""I"" and ""we"" in texts, and review texts the text for authenticity. The act of expressing gratitude through text has become a fulfilling part of my life, nurturing my soul and spirit and fostering, meaningful connections through this simple yet powerful life hack, are vital components of my overall wellbeing. "

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