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Life Hack in Action #10: Make a Playlist of your Favorite Songs

"Hello, I'm Meghan Dahl, a social worker and supervisor in psychiatry at the partial hospitalization program at My Michigan Health in Midland. Today, I want to share Life Hack # 23 Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs. Music holds immense importance in my life, and I find it to be a powerful tool for engaging emotions. Whether it's happy tunes, calming melodies, or high-energy beats, having various playlists allows me to get in touch with my emotions in a different way. Music taps into our brains neurologically, affecting sensory input areas, memory centers, and emotion centers beyond our conscious awareness. Rhythmic activities, especially when shared with others, can contribute to healing the brain from trauma. I believe in the versatility of music, using it to pump myself up or honor emotions like sadness or grief keeping in mind not to linger too long in the emotions. For those starting, I suggest recognizing the individuality of musical preferences. You can even seek inspiration from others' playlists. Personally, I've borrowed a happy songs playlist from a colleague at the Wellbeing Coalition, expanding my musical coping toolbox. So as you listen to songs, you can pay attention to songs that resonate, take note of them, and add them to a playlist. Creating emotion-specific playlists becomes a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of our inner worlds and supports our ability to manage daily stressors. "

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