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Life Hack in Action #4: Make a playlist of your Favorite Songs

"I am Gary Billotti, Outreach Coordinator for the Midland Area Wellbe Coalition. The Life Hack I have chosen is # 23, Making a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs. I've been creating a playlist for probably 30 years. More lately now the tools that I have have helped out a lot, but it's truly an important part of my life in so many ways. I used and made probably 20 or 30 playlists, and I use them for different things. For instance, one that I use a fair amount is when I'm exercising or doing something where I really need to be motivated, and that playlist is called attitude and energy. It's kind of more hard rock, that's where I come from, and it does support me a lot. It keeps me focused, helps me to really put things aside and focus on what I'm doing at the time, and motivates me in a sense. If you want to create your own playlist I would just think about songs that bring back memories, make you smile, and write them down. And then when you have a chance to make a list, you go ahead and make that list and use it whenever it can support you. " So I always start off my day being my own cheerleader for that day. "

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