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Life Hack #67: Jolt of Joy

What brings you joy? How often on an average day do you experience joy? Joy can often feel a little elusive- particularly when we may expect it to last for a long time or just happen without any effort on our part. Studies show that intentionally cultivating jolts of joy periodically in our day can boost our energy, interrupt negative spirals, improve our mood, and refocus our attention. It’s even good for our health! In the short and long term these small fleeting moments of joy can have a positive impact on our wellbeing. When sparking a jolt of joy -reach for a favorite song, a funny video, or anyone or anything that makes you smile! Share a laugh with a friend or play a game with a favorite pet or person. Look for those small moments in your day to insert some joy. Life moves quickly and jolts of joy, even in the hardest of times, can make the journey of life more fun, meaningful, energizing, and boosts our wellbeing in the process.

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