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Life Hack #84: Multiple Passions

What are you passionate about? How can having diverse interests positively impact wellbeing? Studies show that multiple passions can be a powerful tool for stress reduction and mental health. Being passionate about only one thing – or about nothing for that matter – can make us feel like we are languishing or stuck. Having multiple passions provides an escape from stress and daily worries, as shifting focus between activities can prevent burnout and helps to keep life interesting. By giving ourselves the opportunity to immerse in different interests, we create a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our brains enjoy novelty so trying new things can boost our mood! We can also get an added benefit – embracing multiple passions unleashes creativity and innovation within us. The diverse experiences and insights gained from different interests can fuel our problem-solving abilities. So by exposing yourself to different fields, you can draw connections and think outside the box, leading to new and interesting ideas and solutions. One way to cultivate multiple passions is to set aside some time, even just a few minutes each week for just that – time to just explore things you enjoy or are curious about!  

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