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Life Hack #104: Peak End Theory

Have you ever noticed how certain moments in life stick with you, while others fade away? Why do we remember the endings of events more than the everyday moments in the middle? Interestingly, Peak-End Theory says that our brains don’t average out our experiences, rather it picks out the memories that come to mind the easiest - which are usually the emotional peaks and the ending- and judge the overall experience based on those. So how might we use Peak-End Theory to our advantage? Since studies show our brains tend to cling to the highs and farewells of an experience, we have some control over shaping our life story. We can be more mindful of positive moments during our experiences and steer towards experiences that end on a high note, even in challenging times or situations. When we consciously create memorable peaks and pleasant endings in our experiences, we can build more positive memories and take that intention into our future moments. Whether it's a daily routine or a big event, focus on the art of savoring - really soaking in the good stuff and letting it linger, allowing the positive emotions to really sink in. Using this tool is like giving your future self a gift of happier memories. So cheers to living a peak-end worthy life and creating lasting positive memories!

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