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Life Hack #55: Power of Laughter

Do you laugh enough? How easy is it for you to find humor as you go about your day? Studies show the power of laughter is real. It can reduce our stress levels, foster connection with others, help us to better appreciate our lives – even the tough times, and can even foster creativity! One caveat is humor at the expense of someone else, research does not support wellbeing benefits of mean humor. But silly pets, a funny sitcom, or reminiscing about a funny past experience with loved ones? Let’s get more of those! And never underestimate the power of a good, clean joke! One way to work more humor into your life is to assess where you are now – at the end of the day reflect on how many times you laughed and take a bit of time to really savor those experiences perhaps by writing them down or sharing them with someone else. The more you actively recall the funny moments, the more you may find the power of laughter – and its many benefits – becoming a bigger part of your days.

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