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Wellbeing Life Hacks

Life Hack #72: Start Early

Did you know the first decision you make in the morning can set the tone for your whole day? How much difference could waking up a bit earlier make for your wellbeing? As it turns out, a lot! An effective morning routine can boost your immune system, mood, creativity, productivity, energy and sense of accomplishment. While a good night’s sleep is important, choosing to wake up a bit earlier in the morning for an intentional start to your day is powerful as well. As you might imagine, it’s most beneficial when personalized to you and what will support your wellbeing. Ideally, having an intentional 30 minute morning routine helps you prioritize you: through reflection, movement, mindfulness, intentions, learning, nature, whatever you choose! Start simple with one task you would like to do every day. Even taking two deep breaths before you get out of bed in the morning can be a great start. Overall, consider whether your morning activity is by default – I’m in a hurry once again because I slept in – or by design – I choose a morning routine that sets a positive tone. Consider taking charge of your morning routine and build a foundation for a great day!

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