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Life Hack #94: White Space

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be bored? How often do you make time in your life to just be? In our fast-paced, busy lives, it's easy to feel like we always have to be thinking- from the moment we wake up until our head hits the pillow at night. And then we do it all again, the next day and the next, perhaps thinking it’s the best or only way to handle our responsibilities. But what if the key to enhanced productivity, reduced stress, and improved wellbeing is embracing the power of White Space? White Space refers to those strategic moments of rest and relaxation that we often overlook. It's when you don't have anything scheduled, nothing to do. By giving yourself this gift of uninterrupted time, you'll find yourself more focused, clear-headed, and even more creative. It could be in line at the grocery store, looking around instead of glancing at our phone or maybe a long walk simply looking at the world around us, no destination, no music, no conversation, no phone. These strategic or perhaps found moments of rest and relaxation can do wonders for us. Sometimes being bored is just the ticket we need for our brains to settle, recharge, and see the world with more clarity. Planning for white space or embracing it when opportunities come up takes practice, but it can be so beneficial for us!

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