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Quotes To Live By

Quote #8: Featuring Bridgette Gransden

Hi, I'm Bridgette Gransden, Administrator/Controller for the County of Midland and member of the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition. A quote that encourages me is "Failure is success in progress", said by Albert Einstein. The reason I find this quote encouraging is it focuses on our efforts rather than the outcome of those efforts. So many times is in our lives we are graded, judged, or labeled by the result of our work rather than how hard we worked, the challenges we overcame or what we learned along the way. It also reminds me that when I feel like I have failed at something, I need to reframe and focus on what I learned in the process. This quote supports my wellbeing because it encourages a growth mindset and highlights that not succeeding at something doesn't define who I am, it simply means I am working toward success. So, as you consider this quote, think about something you have done or tried to do that you may have labeled as a failure, and ask yourself, what you learned from it to help you succeed. This has been brought to you by the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition's Quotes to Live By Series. Thank you for watching.

Quote submitted by Bridgette Gransden.

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