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Quotes To Live By

Quote #6: Featuring Gary Billotti

Hi, I'm Gary Billotti, an independent Well-Being Consultant and member of the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition (MAWC) A quote that has helped me both define and live my purpose in life is "Knowledge is not enough, we have to apply. Willing is not enough, we have to do," said by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The reason I find this quote so inspiring to me is that it helps me to go beyond my career long managerial roles and goals. Undergrad, grad school, countless workshops and certifications have given me the knowledge, but limited my time to actually apply it. I always said I was willing to help, to get involved or to volunteer somewhere, but it seemed like I was always too busy when the time came around to act. Being a member of the MAWC, along with several other community organizations, I have opportunities that help me to feel and see I am truly living my life on purpose by making a difference in the lives of others. So, ask yourself if you are applying what you've learned in life, AND if you are taking action when it's needed. This has been part of the Coalition's Quotes to Live By Series. Thank you for watching.

Quote submitted by Gary Billotti.

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