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Quotes To Live By

Quote #70: Katie Danks

"Hi, I'm Katie, Early Childhood Support Coordinator for the Regional Preschool Partnership and member of the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition. A quote that helps me to self-regulate is the acronym Q-TIP, which stands for "Quit Taking It Personally" from Dr. Becky Bailey and the Conscious Discipline social-emotional learning program (for children, teens, and adults!). Q-TIP is a reminder that our initial reaction may be to assume that people's actions are a statement about our self-worth. When we embrace Q-TIP and 'quit taking is personally' and realize that sometimes other people's actions are not something they are doing to me, but rather something that is happening around me. Then we are better able to self-regulate, calm down, and begin the steps to effectively problem solve. This quote supports my wellbeing because it helps me to stay calm in emotionally charged situation. In what aspects of your life can you use Q-TIP to help you co-regulate instead of co-escalate? How might this create more empathy and understanding in your relationships? . This has been brought to you by the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition's Quotes to Live By Series. Wishing you well!"

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