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Quotes To Live By

Quote #43: Joslyn Chulski

Hi, I'm Joslyn Chulski, I work at Dow (Team Legal) and am a member of the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition. A quote that is important for me is that "No is a complete sentence". The reason I find this quote so important is that I tend to default to “yes”—I want to help everyone, and I really enjoy getting involved, but sometimes I overcommit to others and under commit to myself. This quote supports my wellbeing because when I’m saying “No” it’s my acknowledgement of balance and prioritization for myself. Especially this time of year with many events and outings, I encourage you to give yourself permission to say ‘no’ in protection of your wellbeing, your time is a precious resource so, remember, no is a complete sentence. This has been brought to you by the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition's Quotes to Live By Series. Thank you for reading.

Joslyn Chulski shares a Quote to Live By from the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition.

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