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Quotes To Live By

Quote #29: Louis Alloro

Quote submitted by Louis Alloro

I love this quote! Thank you Martin Seligman for reminding us of our choices. Choices abound: in perspective — energy, emotion, and behavior. Autonomy is such a big marker of our motivation. What doesn’t motivate us is managing weaknesses. Looking for and even fixing (if possible) what’s wrong can only work so far. Just as happiness is not promised by taking away one's depression or other mental illnesses, excellence is not promised from such a provincial approach. When we open our hearts and minds to what’s possible, we see leading from a strengths-base is the way to go! Not only does this help us shore up weaknesses, it leads us towards an excellence that emerges from the collision of strengths within and between us. I love the collisions happening throughout the Midland-Area Wellbeing Coalition and am hopeful for even great energy and impact as more and more people around the region are reminded of these choices.

Louis Alloro shares a Quote to Live By from the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition.

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