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Trainings: PERMAH Workplace Survey
We offer a variety of wellbeing training opportunities for individuals, teams, and organizations!

Base 10 hours including planning, administration, and one debrief of organization report including strategy suggestions. Add-on options are explained below.

Organization Reports

Gathering Unidentified Data and Aggregating During a Specified Window of Time with a Report Generated.

Topics in Report:

Number, age, gender, ethnicity, education level, employment status, work responsibilities , State of Wellbeing.

Engagement, performance, satisfaction.
Ability, motivation, psychological safety.
Positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, health (me, we, us breakdowns), Biggest wellbeing struggles, Biggest wellbeing barriers, Most valued forms of wellbeing support.
Diversity and inclusion, belonging, competence, autonomy, resources, physical safety (me, we, us breakdowns).

Individual Reports

Individuals Create an Account, Unlimited Retakes

Topics in Report:

State of Wellbeing, Job Satisfaction, and Wellbeing AMPlifiers

Ability, Motivation, Psychological safety.

Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment and Health.

Also offers more than 200 small, evidence-based approaches to improve wellbeing.

Add-On PERMAH Workplace Survey Options

Includes Preparation and Follow-Up

Group Organization Report Debrief

30 Minute Session

For groups outside the planning team (i.e. departments, buildings, teams, organization leaders, etc.) (1.5 Hour Total per Session)

Group Individual Report Debrief

30 Minute Session

Assisting small groups of people in understanding the individual survey report including goal setting. (1.5 Hour Total per Session)

Individual Report Debrief

30 Minute Session

1:1 session to assist an individual’s understanding of their report including goal setting. (1.5 Hour Total per Session)

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