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Trainings: Presentations
We offer a variety of wellbeing training opportunities for individuals, teams, and organizations!

Introduction to Wellbeing

20 Minute Presentation

This short 20-minute presentation introduces the audience to wellbeing, its importance, and teaches an evidence-based wellbeing tool. (1 Hour Total)

Journey Toward Wellbeing

1 Hour Presentation

Participants will learn about wellbeing, why it is important, what the research shows for individuals, groups, and organizations, and learn the PERMAH framework with six evidence-based simple tools to try. (2 Hours Total)

Why Wellbeing? The Case for Positive Psychology

2 Hour Presentation With Discussion

This presentation highlights key science in the field of positive psychology and investigates the local measures of wellbeing. Includes current work being done locally and plans for future work. Can be tailored for community or organization levels. (3 Hours Total)

Struggling Well: From Stress to Strength

1-4 Hour Workshop

After understanding the process of stress, participants learn how to harness the power of character strengths toward the goal of struggling well with instruction and practice of up to six tools to struggle well before, during, and after stressful events. (3-8 Hours Total)

Prioritizing Wellbeing in Uncertain Times

1 1/2 Hour Presentation With Discussion

Participants are introduced to 12 evidence-based strategies to become more resilient and bounce back stronger from life’s adversities. (3 Hours Total)

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